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[WATCH] | ZIMBABWE: One Woman and Her Journey Home (to Africa)

Dot Bekker has an amazing laugh. And she is brave.

She will tell you that she’s faced tough times. That she knows what sadness is. But she’ll also tell you that she knows how to come home … how to find her way back to joy … and to who she’s always been.

It was my honor to have Dot on the show.

She chose to go #BeyondStatusQuo. And her story is an impressive one.

Zimbabwe: Ever heard of a woman traveling alone from Morocco to Zimbabwe–over land? Takes bravery. And that’s exactly what Dot Bekker has … and did.

#TheEdgeOfAdventure with #AdamAsher, the unique #travel #documentary that takes us out of the routine … and #BeyondStatusQuo. Honoring those who #serve others, who #live a #life of #adventure & #purpose & #service. The #world is a big place with so many #good stories to tell. Adam #travels the #globe … to tell them. Whether for #television or for his #podcast, #adventureawaits as Adam takes #adventuretravel to a whole new level. Adam is an #adventurer and #traveler who seeks to #traveltheworld, #traveling to places on the #map that have been forgotten by most, where we find real #hope, real #love and real #strength. Log on to TheEdgeOfAdventure.com to learn more. Because #adventureisoutthere. And he’d love to have you join him on these #adventures, as together we honor those who #makeadifference under difficult circumstances.

She loved her journey, and thrived the entire time. Join me for this FUN interview with Dot as she tells us about her trip, her love for Africa … and for people.

Dot, thanks for joining me for the show. You’re an inspiration.

Dot’s Facebook Page: Facebook.com/goinghometoafrica


For more: AdamAsher.com + TheEdgeOfAdventure.com

  • Trudy Denby

    Dot lived with us in Portugal and then again in Yorkshire for some time ,something in me connected with her we stay in contact and plan to visit her in the future . what I wanted to say is my time with Dot was in her darkest time I hadn’t known her before so your interview with her here has shown me the person I always knew was there . She is the strongest woman and has the biggest heart of anybody I have ever met . When she first started to talk about the journey and I would relay the idea to my friends (with pride I might add ) everyone without exception said she was mad it was dangerous she wouldn’t make it . I can honestly say I never doubted her for a moment I knew she had the capability determination and resilience to do the journey I was worried about the van but Bluebell got her through . Fantastic interview thank you

    May 9, 2020at7:01 am
  • Thanks Adam, it was fun chatting to you. The header image is not my best look, hot and sweating after looking for chimpanzees for 2 hours in tropical rainforest, but my guides were amazing.

    May 9, 2020at1:13 pm
  • Miss you Dot! Kisses from cloudy Belgium!

    May 11, 2020at2:29 pm

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