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Edge Extra: Adam Asher Talks with Karts Huseonica

In this Edge Extra with Adam Asher, Karts Huseonica tells us about Amazon Prime’s upcoming Eco-Challenge Fiji 2020 … from Bear Grylls and Mark Burnett.

Karts is a 68-year-old adventurer who has quite a few accomplishments to his name. He’s set hiking records. He’s taken extreme expeditions, and he’s even had the chance recently to work with adventure television legends, Bear Grylls & Mark Burnett.

Karts shares what he’s been up to lately, including his role on the production team for Amazon Prime’s new Eco-Challenge Fiji 2020 (due out in early 2020) … and his upcoming “Yukon Expedition 2020” with Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood. (Instagram: @lolosherhood).

Karts’ website: ArizonianExplorer.wordpress.com

Twitter: @karts999
Instagram: @kartshuseonica
Karts’ Yukon Expedition GoFundMe

1 Comment
  • Debbie Frank

    You never cease to amaze me Art…

    October 8, 2019at10:12 pm